www.opinion.rona.ca – Why does Opinion.Rona.ca run polls, anyway?

To have your say at RONA, visit Opinion.Rona.Ca. Get a chance to win $1,000 in shop credit by taking the RONA survey.

Take www.opinion.rona.ca Survey



www.opinion.rona.ca – Rona Opinion survey

If you’ve recently shopped at a RONA outlet in Canada and would want to offer your comments on the experience, visit Opinion.Rona.Ca.

If you want to take part in the store’s survey, you’ll need to read and follow all of the instructions very carefully.

Do you have any thoughts about the RONA Group? If you’ve ever shopped at RONA, we’d appreciate it.

Take www.opinion.rona.ca Survey

it if you’d take a moment to fill out the store’s customer survey. To have your voice heard in a consumer survey, please visit www.opinion.RONA.ca.

Rewarding and Gifting

RONA is offering a $1,000 prize to one lucky participant in their customer satisfaction survey.

New RONA Opinion. Rona.Ca is a place for consumers in Canada to voice their opinions about shopping at the business.

How to fill out the Opinion.Rona.ca survey


  • To take part in a survey, visit www.opinion.rona.ca.
  • The survey page for Rona has a language option.
  • Choose from English or Welsh, the two languages recognized by the UK government.
  • Access Codes are often located at the bottom of receipts and are required to proceed.
  • Click the Next button when you’re ready to go on.
  • The screen will display a set of questions.
  • Consider the events unfolding in your life as you read them.
  • Assess the usefulness of each question.
  • Please respond completely and honestly.
  • Your responses should be honest and easy to confirm.
  • Please let us know how to get in touch with you once you’ve completed the survey.
  • All of your contact details including name, telephone and email address will be shown here.
  • Please verify the accuracy of the data you just submitted. When you’re done, click the “FINISH” button.
  • Please be patient as we choose someone at random to get the gift card.

Survey Rules

  • How to Fill Out the www.opinion.rona.ca Survey
  • This poll only supports the English and French languages.
  • You must be 18 or older to participate in the Rona Contest.
  • need of a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
  • Each receipt may only be used once, and participants must be legal U.S. residents to take part in the RONA Survey. You have three days after your visit to complete the survey.
  • To get the discounted price, a purchase is necessary for the deal.

Company Opinion.Rona.ca

RONA is a Canadian retailer that specializes in outdoor and home improvement products. Over 50,000 people throughout Canada are employed by the firm. There are more than 700 locations of the chain throughout the country of Canada.


Those of you living in Canada should also give this firm some thought if you’re interested in making a purchase. This organization offers superior online and offline support.


The goal of Rona’s survey is to collect real responses from customers regarding the company. Customers may take the survey whenever they have a spare moment thanks to its online format.

The service requires its users to have access to the internet and a web-enabled device. Please use a modern web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, to take part in the survey. You should, however, use the most recent release of your chosen browser.

www.opinion.rona.ca – FAQs

  • Question – Has anyone here ever successfully stolen a thousand dollars from someone?

Answer – A business announcement is expected any minute now. If you do decide to take part, I will be able to testify to your success on the spot.

  • Question – In a typical month, how many days may be documented?

Answer – Only two entries are reviewed each month.

RONA Official Website: www.rona.ca/en

RONA Survey: www.opinion.rona.ca

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